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Bill Murray Baby Onesie

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If you missed this year’s Most Awesome Person Awards, you would’ve missed a great speech from the recipient of the lifetime achievement award: Mr. William James Murray. Alright, there’s no such thing as the MAPAs, but we still have fun imagining what his acceptance speech would be like. The award would probably be handed to him by last year’s winner, Neil Patrick Harris.

If you’ve been living under a big-ass rock for the past few years, we should probably explain why Bill F**king Murray is the greatest thing since mac and cheese. Here’s a very short list: he’s read poetry to construction workers, walked slow motion with a bunch of unknowns, and no one will forget this scene from Zombieland.

So how, may you ask, can you capture a little bit of Bill’s awesomeness? Experts agree the best way is to roll around town with a baby that looks just as epic as Ernie McCracken himself. Fortunately for you, our Bill Murray Baby Onsie will perfectly fit the “Bill”. Even if every single day is exactly the same like it was for Bill in Groundhog Day, you’ll never get bored of dressing your baby in this classy outfit.

Soft on baby’s skin, it features an envelope neck and snaps at the bottom for easy changing. Don’t forget about the bold graphic in the center of the one and only comedic legend. This onesie comes in two colors, so it’s perfect for picking up the blue for boys and pink for girls (unless, of course, gender stereotyping isn’t really your thing).

We’ve done enough convincing for one day. Now go buy it and leave us in peace to enjoy our Billy Murray marathon.

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