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Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure

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Ever since seeing Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, I’ve been uncertain how to pronounce Socrates. I have to remind myself: think of what Keanu Reeves would say, then say the opposite. When I was younger, this movie was one of my favorites. I guess I identified with two good-natured but spacey guys who wanted to know about history, but didn’t know how to go about learning it. Either that or the idea of having George Carlin pilot a time machine is just brilliant.

Use this movie as a teaching tool to help your children learn about the great figures of history, such as Lincoln, Freud, Napoleon, and Joan of Arc. You might also have to explain what a telephone booth is, and why someone would roll up his sweatpants, tie a flannel around his waist, and feel completely confident leaving the house (and the space-time continuum for that matter) dressed as such.

The deeper meaning behind the movie is that rock can save the world. These two boys need to pass history so they can keep their band Wyld Stallyns together. This is because, in the future, the music of the Wyld Stallyns forms the basis of life. This message about the importance of music will definitely resonate with the young rock stars in your life.

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