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Billy Jackfish Album

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Billy Jackfish, the man behind chart topping hit songs such as the “Stinky Poo Song,” “Tickle Trunk,” and “Punk Rock Kid,” has been performing in the Northwestern area of Ontario at retirement homes and other venues since he was only ten years old. A lover of music for most of his life, Billy was one of the founding fathers of the punk rock scene in Winnepeg, Manitoba, and over the years has seen his musical creativity expand outside of the punk scope and towards a softer side with the arrival of his two children, Olivia and Billy Jr. Since then he’s dedicated his time to writing and playing a wide variety of fun and downright crazy kids songs (like the “Poo” song), that prompt kids to get excited about things like having dreams, listening to parents, and keeping bugs out of your hair. Ewww!

Billy Jackfish, a 10-track collection of entertaining children’s songs, all written and composed by Billy himself (and inspired by real-life events with his family and friends), is ready and waiting to be listened to by rambunctious kids everywhere. Aside from being inspired by those nearest and dearest to him, Billy also questions real-life intrigues as well on songs such as “Poor Little Humpty”, where the inspiration came in the form of this curiosity: “I always wondered why an egg would climb up on a wall???” and embellishing on why perhaps this was. “Punk Rock Kid” is an ode to rebellious little punk-in’s everywhere, with some reflection on the artist’s part pulled together in a humorous and almost irreverent way.

Give the album a listen and check out for more details and back stories behind these artfully crafted children’s songs.

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