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BlaBla Balthazar – The Bunny Magician

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Balthazar is a magician bunny. He has a lovely assistant bunny named Mirabelle, and together, the two perform amazing magical feats on stage and leave the entire Blabla community (including Suzette and Socks Fox, and Hercule Elephant and his spouse Josephine the Ballerina) in awe and wonder. When he isn’t breaking a leg in front of his friends and family, Balthazar should be right up there among your child’s favorite stuffed animals. Here are five reasons why:
1) He is made from natural fibers and is as soft and cuddly as cotton
2) He stands an impressive 18’ tall, which makes him a perfect huggable height for your toddler
3) He was designed by French-born artist Florence Wetterwald and hand knit by Peruvian artists
4) He is wearing a top hat, tuxedo jacket and bowtie AND he sports a Dali-inspired mustache
5) Other sane adults were so moved by the adorableness of Balthazar that they created this Balthazar and Mirabelle video, which deserves to go viral this minute:

All of the Blabla dolls look fresh and modern, but feel as comfortable and familiar as a sock puppet. Once you begin exploring the Blabla universe, you will surely be turned on to their other products, which include dream rings and mobiles, pillows, backpacks, rattles, hats, and booties. Feel good about giving your child a toy made with fair-trade practices, as well as a unique and thoughtfully crafted collector’s item that will last for years to come.


  1. Melanie

    LOL. Want!

  2. Robb

    +1 for the fair trade. i’m sure my daughter appreciates it every time she chews on the fair trade/organic/eco bla blah blah stuff we’ve bought her

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