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BlaBla Doll – Giant Sandwich

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There are dolls to play with, and then there are dolls.

Your girl’s baby doll might be cute to look at, but it doesn’t do much more than lie still, stare blankly into space and lose an eye every few months. Why not do your little one a big favor and upgrade her playtime collection with the BlaBla Giant Sandwich Doll.

Designed by French born arteest Florence Wetterwald and hand knitted by Peruvian artisans, this doll is made from all natural fibers—100% cotton with polyester fill, plus non-toxic dyes—and features popping colors all kids love. Oh yeah, and it measures a whopping 3-feet tall! That’s almost, if not taller, than your tot.

One of the greatest features of this giant toy is that it doubles as a pillow. So when your little munchkin is too tired to drag her feet any longer, she can fall down into the cuddly, cozy arms of her BlaBla Doll and catch some serious Zs.

We know this is going to replace her collection of boring baby dolls, so when your girl gives them the flick, consider making a costume out of them, ala Mr. Toledano

We rest our case.

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