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Black Studded Belt

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The typical uniform for the common punk hasn’t really changed since 1977. There’s still a vast amount of colored hair, piercings, crazy makeup, creepers, bondage attire of some sort, black boots and, of course, the universally appealing: belt de stud. Where in the hell would a punk (or metalhead for that matter) be without these important pieces of flair? Alone in the universe is where they would be, traversing around space confused and feeling very, very cold.

So being that you’re a responsible parent who doesn’t want the black depths of space swallowing their little Sally or Stewart whole, the Red Studded Belt by Sourpuss Clothing is a guaranteed survival tool for youth in the punk rock outback. It will protect them from the gravitational pull of banality, if they always remember to come equipped with one looped around their pantaloons (or skirt, or rubber pants). Doubly exciting is that it’s an all-vegan clothing item, which means no animals were used and no studs were harmed during the making of this high quality, punk rock piece of apparel. The two rows of red studs even come with a removable buckle to mix things up.

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