Black Suede and Leopard Fur Baby 2-Ring Creeper Sneaker

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Black Suede and Leopard Print Baby Creepers

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You’re either born with a snazzy fashion sense or you aren’t; it’s hard to be somewhere in the middle. Whether you shop at the finest clothing shops on Rodeo Drive or the greatest of second-hand stores in the East Village, how you put yourself together shows the world what your style is and how you like to express yourself. Toddlers are aware of this. If they had their way, they’d dress themselves how they’d want to be dressed. Even though the clothes you buy them are amazingly cool, they probably feel like they could do a better job than you could (kinda like how they feel about everything else).

Even a baby knows that lots of things that were fashionable in the 90s were just plain god-awful. But, just like any other era, the 90s gave us a few staples that we just couldn’t live without. For punks of any sort, that would definitely include TUK shoes. Remember those thick-soled lace-up numbers with the checkerboard pattern near the toe that were on the feet of every 90s ska or punk musician worth his salt? Those would be the TUKs. Even though it’s been more than twenty years since the first TUK store opened, bands like Green Day still rock these treads while they continue to push punk fashion boundaries.

As leopard print is a vital part of any rocker’s ensemble, these TUK Black Suede Leopard Print Baby Creepers will likely become a vital part of your kid’s wardrobe. They’ll probably want to sleep in them, too. These original TUK Creepers with signature skull and bones sole and recognizable Union Jack label are now available with a faux leopard print accent for babies who dream of playing stand up bass and styling their hair like Bettie Page and James Dean in the future.

And just in case you need some cool-looking threads to go with your cool-looking shoes, here’s a suggestion (and yeah, it’s kinda gothy, but so what?).

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