Bleep Blorp: A Robot-Themed Nursery


When we were kids, I’m sure we all pretty much assumed robots would be outnumbering humans by now. As scary and awesome as that vision of the future might be, it just isn’t here yet. While I’m sure there are all kinds of highly educated individuals working day and night to bring us the robots of our dreams, we can’t just sit around and wait. Today’s the day to bring some awesome simultaneously vintage and modern robots into our homes, starting with the nursery.

We love doing nursery pieces because it’s the room where you first expose your kids to your family’s personality. They might say that the nursery decor is more for the parents than the kid, and with all of the time you’re spending in there the first few months, even if it were true it would be justified.


But we like to think that nerdiness can be passed on by osmosis, and the aesthetic they absorb at the beginning of their lives may just help shape their future. Your choice to decorate the nursery with robots might spark the career of the one who will bring us closer to having real robots in all of our homes.

Or, maybe they’re just cute.

Whatever the reason, here are some awesome robot things to help you spring into nursery-decorating action. You know, like to help you get into gear. Robot puns!

There are a few different approaches to take when it comes to the robot aesthetic. Let’s start with the steampunky robot. This guy is as monocled and moustached as the stuffiest bygone British gentleman, but with more oil and steam because of the whole robot thing.


Then you have your traditional robot, whose aesthetic mostly involves geometric shapes and bold colors. You shouldn’t have any trouble finding this guy everywhere you look when it comes to robot baby stuff, including sheets.


These guys can do almost anything, from science experiments to reciting numbers and the alphabet.


While it’s pretty essential for robots to be able to do these things, if there’s one thing we love about robots, it’s when they learn to rock.


Of course, all of the robots we love from R2D2 to Wall-E have learned the most special skill of all: to love. Adding hearts and flowers to a robot nursery is a great way to foster a love of technology, or just make an adorable space.


Of course, robots don’t need to really do anything to be impressive. Sometimes I daydream about how cool it would be just to hang out with them.


The super cute baby robot plushies from the header are handstitched by GinnyPenny.


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