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Blondie As Loungewear Set

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On a trip I took a few years back, I rode to a Florida beach on a hot and sunny weekend and it was everything that a person with fiercely pale skin would imagine it would be: periodic slatherings of ridiculously high sunscreen and really big hats, but still a blast. On the ride home I couldn’t help but notice an oncoming hotel sign displaying its weekly set of lounge acts. Suddenly, there she was: a slightly wrinkled version of the lady Blondie (aka: Debbie Harry) I’ve known through music, books, magazines and movies, playing on a Thursday night after Big Water Bill and His Amazingly Perverted Parrots! (j/k).

It was the same woman who would eat to the beat, whose heart was made of glass, and who was a key figure in one of my favorite books, Please Kill Me by Legs Mcneil. She was beautiful, sexy, talented, and interesting. She was a staple in American music with her trademark blonde hair and a fashion sense that bordered between bohemian and actually giving a care about what she looked like. Yes, Debbie Harry was (is!) a pop-culture and musical icon to many a woman and little girl, and many, many a man as well.

To honor what once was, the fashion designer, Rowdy Sprout, has crafted a new set of girl’s short sleeved loungewear with Ms. Harry as its main theme. The dozens of Blondie faces strewn across these purple and teal-colored jammies, are a great throwback to the CBGB and Studio 64 days of parties, music, and punk rockers beating up the new wavers. So relive your love for Blondie, and ignite a new love for your little as one.

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