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Bloom Otto Table

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The Bloom Otto Table set is gorgeous and stunning in such a way that it’s nearly too good for a kid. Or, at least, for those other kids. Your little connoisseur of craftsmanship will take one look at this table and know that it belongs with them. That this table is a reflection of the flawless design ideas that dwell in every creative bone in their body.

Yep, it’s a bit pricey, but you’re supporting the artisan economy here, folks. That you have to sacrifice a few cups of Starbucks to feed your artisan furniture habit is a great lesson to teach your child early on, anyhow. The beauty of this table is that it retains a sense of the natural. Rather than decking your kid’s room out in candy-colored polyurethane junk from Ikea, you’ll be implementing a sentiment of sophistication and modernity, as well as a respect for natural materials.

The chairs accompanying the table echo its curvy beauty, and the sliding art and play trays are a reminder that beautiful things must be respected, by keeping messy work in mess-friendly zones. Marvel at the design of this piece of art, it will inspire both you and your child with its beauty!

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