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Blue Canary Night Light

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Blue canary in the outlet by the light switch? Your little one wouldn’t sleep any other way. Not that you care. Sleep is overrated. (Or so you’ll keep telling yourself). These really sweet little nightlights, which are made in small batches by a huge TMBG fan, aren’t just a tribute. They are actually really cute, functional nightlights that give off bluelight (way more soothing than white!) and use LED bulbs rather than incandescents. Thus, they are more energy efficient. Use that as a teachable moment to let your child know your commitment to eco-friendly products (and watch as they roll their eyes at you and plug their earphones in. Stop interrupting their Bieber-fever). In fact, take the nightlight away from the unappreciative whippersnappers. Put it in your own room, where the blue canary can see some real action. (e.g. Mama re-reading 50 Shades of Gray while Daddy watches Game of Thrones). The only complaint anyone seems to have about this item is that it’s not super bright. Clearly, those people are not super bright themselves. It’s a night light people. Go the f* to sleep already.


  1. Abigail Mae Prescott

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