Blurring the Lines Between Real and Fantastic With Beautiful LEGO Wild!

Beautiful Lego WildThere are two camps of LEGO builders – those who keep the directions, and those who throw them out. I’m such a directions follower that I have LEGO instruction books for sets that have long been dismantled and incorporated into brick bins of the younger generations of our family, so needless to say when I see creations like the ones in Beautiful LEGO Wild! I’m totally baffled and amazed by the boundless imagination of artists who sculpt using LEGO bricks.

Our staff are HUGE fans of the LEGO books by No Starch Press. Whenever we get a new book, we can’t wait to share what’s inside with our readers and our kids. All of the No Starch LEGO books have themes, but In the case of Beautiful LEGO Wild! by Mike Doyle, the only rule is that the sculptures must feature scenes from the natural world.

beautiful lego wild 4

The book focuses on the different approaches the artists took to create scenes from nature, talking first about a particular brick that seems to be a common theme in natural LEGO scenes: the Plant Leaves 6 x 5.


The book starts out with impressive leafy scenes of slices of life from all four seasons (including an awesome wizard’s treehouse on the very first page ), moving on to other terrains (the glowing lava earth beneath Sauron’s tower!) before zooming in on the life within.

beautiful lego wild 5

Flowers and fruit give way to bugs and animals, peppered with imaginative fantasy creatures. Wild animals of all of the Earth’s environments are created in nearly unbelievable likeness in full LEGO glory.

beautiful lego wild 2

Pet lovers will appreciate the addition of domestic animals (is that GRUMPY CAT?!?), but my favorite section of all is the “Creatures with Character” section, which features extremely creative iterations of some of my favorite characters, including Rafiki from The Lion King and even Max and a monster from Where the Wild Things Are – a book that’s extremely close to my heart.

The best part about this book (and all of the No Starch Press LEGO books) is how they take something so familiar and show how it can become something extraordinary. Get your copy at No Starch Press.


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