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Bob Dylan’s Forever Young Book

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The key to a great story is the subject matter told, and the person who tells it. It’s like telling a joke: if you lack delivery, you lack laughs. Then your audience gets angry, heckles you a bunch, and moves on to someone who can do the job better. In this instance, the comedian is a storyteller and the storyteller is Bob Dylan.

Considered the most influential musician of the twentieth century, Bob Dylan is America’s storyteller. With his introduction in the 1960’s with The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan, his character and sound placed him outside of Beatlemania and outside of whatever was going on with The Rolling Stones, into a category all his own. So if kids prefer stories from someone who’s certified in storytelling, don’t be offended. Instead, try to forget that you’re old and used to collect pogs and pull up a chair alongside the other kids as Bob Dylan fascinates the adult out of you in mere seconds.

Illustrated by artist Paul Rogers, Forever Young chronicles aspects of Dylan’s life and interprets lyrics from staple songs such as “Lay, Lady, Lay,” and “Forever Young” from his 1974 album, Planet Waves. Rock history fans, like yourselves, will appreciate the “This guitar kills fascists” reference while kids will scratch their heads in confusion. With children books often told from an unimaginative perspective, delighting in stories with realistic perspectives that frame the essence of Americana when Americana was something to be proud of is a great idea.

Pick up a copy of Forever Young (and possibly an acoustic guitar) for your kids, and celebrate the work of a legend.

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