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Bob-omb Wall Print

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Bob-ombs! These are the cutest, most destructive little guys in the Mario universe. Whomever designed these robots must have been insane, or possibly a genius, as this wall print attests. The Bob-omb’s sole purpose was to walk in a straight line until someone accidentally stepped on them, at which point they would explode raining bits of nearby blocks and Bob-omb parts everywhere.

Think about how awful that would be if these things were sentient! What a life of misery and woe! What’s worse is that crafty Mario players would abuse the self-combustion to access secret areas. These poor guys were murdered by the dozens just so Mario could get a 100% completion! How awful. The artist here has given us some insight into the mastermind crafting these hapless denizens, and to all appearances it looks like whoever it is must be the Mario equivalent of Leonardo di Vinci.

There, in the background is the Vitruvian er.. Bob-omb, and you can also see some of di Vinci’s sketches for a flying machine. In any event, this is a truly wonderful print to spice up your kid’s room. It shows off their science-loving side, and their video game obsessiveness simultaneously. Perfect.

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