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Boba Fett Air Rocket Launch Pad

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I’m just going to say this now: if you own a rat terrier or any other small, hyperactive canine with a tendency to chase moving objects, the Boba Fett Launch Pad might not survive for very long. What we have here is an air-propelled rocket shaped like none other than everyone’s favorite bounty hunter, Boba Fett. It works like this: place Boba on the launch pad, ensure your kids are outdoors and free from any small, roaming dogs, stomp on the pedal, and watch as the foot pressure creates lift off. The bounty hunter can fly up to 50 ft. and comes with educational materials. One must ask, what could possibly be educational about firing a Star Wars character into orbit? Turns out a Boba and his jetpack are soon parted, and the materials provided encourage young padawans to experiment with the basics of aerodynamics.

Does he fly higher with or without the jetpack? Or does the jetpack, not attached to anything, fly the highest? Perhaps one of the best features of the toy is that it requires no batteries or explosive devices of any kind. It runs solely on the power of your childrens’… soles. As long as they keep stompin’, Boba will keep flyin.’

Below is the original commerical for the first Boba Fett action figure. Make sure you cringe when you see the little boy cutting up the figure card. NOOO!

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