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Boo! Leghuggers

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‘Tis the season for covering our faces with cheap makeup, dousing ourselves in fake blood, and wearing Halloween-themed anything and everything. As the Pagan holiday descends upon us, (and as we crank out our Ministry albums, and illegally download cult classics like Halloween and Nightmare on Elm Street), apparel with spooky pumpkins, ghosts, ghoulies, and scary things that hang out underneath your bed and nibble at your feet are all too appropriate accoutrements of this festive time of year. Even now, I’m currently wearing my Nightmare Before Christmas knee-high socks and feeling all too excited to dress up like Lydia from Beetlejuice on the 31st. Ahhhh, Halloween. So. Much. Fun.

Little spooky sprites in their Dracula and Lady Gaga costumes stomp around the land of the living, and knock on the doors of strange homes filled with strange people expecting either a trick or a treat (sans the drugs and razorblades). What better way for baby zombies to show off their love for all things festively creepy than by wearing material that hugs their widdle legs?

From comes Halloween-inspired leghuggers for tykes with traditional, iconic imagery such as witches, spiders, bats, and patchy-eyed pirates that are oh-so-Halloweeny. Wearable on both arms and legs, these cotton/nylon pieces of awesomeness will warm up your little nightmares on All Hallows Eve, and keep their spirits soaring high as they approach House #30 at midnight. For the long evening ahead of you, dear parent, don’t you dare forget your Rob Zombie, NIN, and Volatire -filled iPod as the perfect background music to the night.

Here’s a scary dude who apparently wears winter coats in 90 degree weather (a friend of mine who interviewed him told me that).

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