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Boon Groovy Interlocking Plate and Bowl

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The kids don’t use ordinary dinnerware anymore. They use interlocking plates and bowls from Boon. C’mon Mom and Dad, get with the program! Designed to make meals fun (and also to combat those OCD terrors of placing the ketchup too close to the peas), this scratch-resistant, slip-resistant interlocking dinnerware has both a plate and bowl, as well as two side bowls for all those scrumptious sides your kid loves, or a scoop of ice cream (but only when s/he eats all their veggies).

Why we do we love it? It’s fun. And isn’t that what childhood’s supposed to be? Yes! In ten years’ time your child will remember back to the day you presented their grilled cheese and tomato soup, side of broccoli, and jello in a brightly colored, well-designed single interlocking plate and bowl. We’re sure of it.

We also love this because it makes dinner time so much easier. No more running back and forth from the kitchen to collect something to put on their plates—with the interlocking plate and bowl, you’ll have every course ready to go, right on time. We love organization (we have a bit of OCD in us, too!).

The third reason why we love this bowl-plate-side-dish-dinnerware? Boon contributes 10% of their profits to children’s charities—that’s a lot of dough. Don’t make your child suffer through another meal with boring, impractical plates and bowls. Be a cool parent and get them this colorful beauty!

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