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Born To Listen To Music You Hate Onesie

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When we’re teenagers the number one thing we love to do is make our parents angry, and we do this by liking stuff we know they won’t approve of. There’s something about this particular act of rebellion that we find satisfying, as it means we remain an enigma to older people. Especially when it comes to music.

Throughout the ages, music has been the one entertainment medium that kids and grownups can never quite agree on, and the easiest form of entertainment to point the finger at as the blame to why this country’s youth is a bunch of crazy people. In the fifties it was Elvis and his pelvis; in the sixties it was moptop quaff of The Beatles; in the seventies it was Sabbath raising helleth; in the eighties it was the shady hair metal movement; in the 90’s it was Manson; and currently, well, it’s crunkcore *shudders.*

To honor the ongoing mentality of driving our parents insane because it’s amusing, grab this Born To Listen To Music You Hate onesie for your lil’ rocker; it’s a piece of clothing that you’ll laugh at, then find oddly prophetic when your music babers become teenagers and do, in fact, listen to music you hate.

Available in a cool hint of orange for kiddos ages 6-12 months, the people who bring you this awesome onesie also encourage you to “Raise Funny People”: words of advice to live by. Even though they’ll drive you towards premature hair graying, at least you’ll have some sense of humor.

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