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Boston Band Tee

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It’s quite the coincidence that as the description of a Boston band tee for children is being written, who but Aerosmith (the aging, overrated golden boys from Beantown) would instantly come galloping across radio airwaves instead of Brad Delp and the rest of his 1970’s rock star comrades from Boston? “More Than a Feeling” coming on right now would’ve convinced cynical folks that perhaps things really do happen for a reason, and aren’t so much based on a mere coincidence. Plus, it would’ve been nice not to have heard a former American Idol judge sing about dreaming on, for once.

There’s no doubt that Boston–though not possessing the longevity that “the bad boys of Boston” somehow maintained into the 80’s and 90’s–is undoubtedly just as talented as their competition. So why not show that your deep passion and love for Boston (the band) has finally rubbed off on the ol’ offspring as well? Designer Rowdy Sprout’s Boston t-shirt (for mini-Bostonian wannabe’s ages 3 months all the way up to 12) fashions the classic cover of the band’s 1976 self-titled album, (the one with all those cool, colorful spaceships). This tee will complement their fine taste in classic rock while making an impressionable statement on those fans of the other band.

Maybe this statement could result in a fan switching sides; like a Yankees fan falling in love with the Sox. It’s far-fetched idea, but maybe things do happen for a reason. Maybe.

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