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Boys Vintage Style Knickers Outfit

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Confession: I came to the Boardwalk Empire party a few years late. Because of this, I furrowed my brows in wonder when young men started rocking straw hats. I missed the connection when certain highfalutin friends of mine began leaving the house in broad daylight wearing flapper fringe skirts (I’ll admit—I even held back a chuckle or three). I’d never before thought of Steve Buscemi as a style god, but I have to admit, the clothing his Nucky Thompson sports can best be described as the bee’s knees.

Call it the virus that keeps giving, but once you’ve been inflicted with Roaring 20s Madness, it’s difficult to snap back to your senses. You see suspenders—you want to wear suspenders—you realize you can’t wear suspenders because someone at work might mistake you for Larry King—you give up the dream, but never, ever forget it. What to do?

If you have a baby boy, the solution is simple: live vicariously through him by dressing him up in a 5-Piece Vintage Style Knickers Outfit, available on This adorable outfit includes plaid tan/brown fabric knickers, a newsboy cap, creme/ivory shirt, bowtie, and—yes—brown/gold suspenders. The outfit, which is available in newborn size 6 months up to a Boys 8, is perfect for formal portraits when you want to give off a vintage vibe, but would also be a wonderfully stylish holiday or wedding/formal party clothing option, as well as a perfect school play or Halloween costume.

So, in addition to feeding your 20s obsession and helping your child look his best, you can also feel like a budgeting genius because you’ve purchased an outfit that can actually be worn more than once. Call it the cat’s pajamas.

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