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Brainetics Math and Memory System

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Brainetics Math and Memory System is a series of interactive educational DVDs aimed at teaching your children more effective ways to process math problems and equations than the standardized methods. By involving both halves of one’s brain at the same time, the ability to process math is strengthened, allowing for quicker cognition, and better deduction abilities.

Created by math genius Mike Byster, Brainetics shows various groups of children using his enhanced methods to solve math problems. These children are walked through the learning processes over five different DVDs through game shows, magic tricks, and practical methods, in order to teach children his math principles in ways that capture their attention. Your nerdling follows along with the other children, until these techniques are mastered. The program does require a basic knowledge of multiplication and division in order to function as intended.

Included in the package are flash cards, playing cards (to go with the magic trick portion of the program) and a parent’s manual so that you can follow along with the learning process. If you’re looking for a product that can help teach your child some of the more complex math principles in school, but other products (or tutoring) aren’t working for them, then give Brainetics a try.

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