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Brats on the Beat

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Nothing makes a musician’s life easier than playing cover songs. All the bass lines, chord progressions and drum beats are pretty much done for you. The only vital element you have to bring to the table/stage is vocal chordage (crappy ones, great ones, it doesn’t matter), perhaps an original take on what you’re copying, and some extra ‘tude for good measure.

1970’s New York City poppy-punk band, The Ramones—which many credit as the beginners of the punk rock movement (a debate that will never be settled)—have officially been covered by legit punktards on Brats on the Beat. The compilation of classic Ramones punk songs covered by old school and new school musicians (who probably obsessed over them as little anarchists with big dreams of loogies in their faces and beer cans pelted at their heads) is specifically aimed at youngins. Your little ones will enjoy listening to kids sing along on the tracks as back-up, which will hopefully encourage them to chime in as well.

Even if there’s a certain singer who doesn’t strike your fancy, one you always thought was a straight-up “poser,” there’s a cover for everyone here. Eleven tracks of Blitzkriegan chaos will pogo your baby crust punkers or Oi babers right back to 1977; members of Alkaline Trio, Pennywise, The Donnas, TSOL, Adolescents, Go Betty Go, The Dwarves, and Queens of The Stone Age thrash through the most recognized and beloved songs from their musical forefathers. “Hey Ho,” “Sheena is a Punk Rocker,” and, of course, za “Blitzkreig” will entice young punks and old punks to mosh together in unison; old school and new school slam dancing as one. *Tear* OI! OI! Oi!

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