“Bravest Warriors” and Other Manga Titles from Perfect Square


Manga publisher Viz Media announced last month that it’s rebranding its kids’ imprint VizKids to Perfect Square, which will be starting off strong with a bunch of big name manga projects targeting a younger audience.

According to Viz, their kids’ imprint will be “focused on delivering comics, manga, and other children’s books with an emphasis on strong storytelling, eye-popping graphics, empowering themes, and a dash of irreverence.”

Unfortunately, we’ll need to wait until 2014 for their most exciting upcoming project: a Bravest Warriors book series.

Bravest Warriors is a web series created by Pendleton Ward, the same guy responsible for creating Adventure Time. The futuristic show where a gang of teenagers fight aliens using their emotions airs on the Cartoon Hangover YouTube channel, where it’s been experiencing a ton of success.

Viz’s Perfect Square will be publishing books based on the web series starting next year. In the meantime, Perfect Square will be offering a few other exciting titles to tide us over.

One title coming up in their original graphic novel colletions is Mameshiba, which is based on the Japanese animated shorts that feature beans (and other legumes) that look kinda like dogs, and tell random unappetizing nuggets of trivia to people who are about to eat them.

Another brand being featured in the new graphic novel library is Uglydolls, a line of adorable plush monsters who live in a universe where being ugly just means you have unique qualities worth celebrating.


The Nickelodeon show Monsuno: Combat Chaos will also get its own graphic novel series from Perfect Square. In this American-Japanese anime, a group of teenagers have awoken ancient monster DNA that became “monsunos,” which are giant animal-mech hybrids who help their teenage masters battle various foes.

Other new original graphic novel series in development by Perfect Square are Hello Kitty, Max Steel, Ben 10: Omniverse, and Mr. Men and Little Miss.

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Perfect Square will also be continuing titles that were previously established by VizKids, including Pokemon and The Legend of Zelda. In addition to print media, the imprint plans to launch a digital Perfect Square App which will have titles available for Apple products.



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