Breakfast Is Power Placemat

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Breakfast Is Power Placemat

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Oh no! The Space Invaders are invading our space again! Here they come, with their alien tentacles, their huge eyes, their scaly skin, and their… avocados? What!?

While this fantastic placemat is designed from one of the best games of all time, there are some things I don’t quite get about it. It can protect your table from morning orange juice spills, but silverware emits some sort of power beam? It can help clean up crumbs from your toast, but it has a life meter? It can repel jelly, but common breakfast foods are somehow capable of lethal damage and tactical formations? No matter, it’s still all kinds of awesome, even if your kids are probably too young to be drinking coffee. Oh right! The coffee are the aliens! Repel that coffee, responsible parents!

This “Breakfast is Power” placemat does an excellent job of keeping your breakfast table clean, which is exactly what it is supposed to do. You and your kids should back it up by keeping the aliens away, which is our job as gamers. Once they’ve tackled breakfast, it’s off to school, where your kids can actually learn something about science that isn’t related to extraterrestrial life. Good thing they’ve got a balanced meal to start them off.

I wish I could find a way to score above 12090, though.

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