How to Bring Magic to the Playroom with Fairies



Princesses? Too romantic and helpless. Barbie? Too materialistic. Fairies, however, are the perfect playroom companions. Mischievous, independent, benevolent and magical, fairies know how to have a good time. Why not surround your kids with a little fairy dust while they play the day away?

To get some design ideas, hit the books. What is your kid’s favorite part about fairy stories? Is it how tiny they are? How delicate? How in tune with nature they are? Talk it out ahead of time, find what sparks your kids’ interests, and grab some leaves and glitter.

For the fairy themed room above, Jack and Jill Interiors answered a terminally ill three-year old’s wish to create a fairy dreamland for her and her sister to play in. Pulling 3D natural elements in from the mural on the wall adds a sense of wonder and magic to the space.

Now that we live in the era of classy wall decals, you don’t need to be a professional artist to create a great wall design. Try a phrase sprinkled with a little fairy dust, or maybe just a silhouette of some fairies fluttering into the play room through their tiny door.


Of course, the tiniest things are often the best inspiration for imaginative play. If you’d like a more realistic fairy door to help kids welcome fairies into the playroom, there are doors of all styles and level of detail available at Etsy.


To create a little more fairy-friendly atmosphere, dim the lights and string some fairy flower string lighting.


With the lights low, it’s fun to introduce glowing toys like this light-up Navi, the fairy companion of everyone’s favorite sword and shield toting adventurer.


Of course, no playroom is complete without dress-up clothes. For fairy dress up, wings are an absolute essential. Sure, you can make your own, but there are a few talented artists out there who can create some for you with custom colors.


If you want to add a unique, handcrafted item to the dress-up box that doubles as a pair of slippers, these handfelted, customizable fairy shoes are exactly what your kid (or your whole fairy family) needs.


If your playroom is coming together but the walls still feel a little bare, you can purchase a digital download and print a few vintage fairy images from Etsy, or buy your own vintage fairy printed posters.


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