Bringing Your Family to Pokemon


So you may be privy to the viral internet oddity of the week: Twitch Plays Pokemon. In essence, anyone who wants to could enter a command that controls a giant community game of Pokemon Red. Since finishing the 1996 game via emulator on the live video game streaming site, fans have moved on to Pokemon Crystal. The anonymous creator of the channel didn’t expect to achieve stratospheric levels of success, but the numbers speak for themselves. The channel has been viewed nearly 40 million times as of this writing.

On top of the many interesting and surprising things to come out of this zany social experiment, we’ve come to realize one important fact: Pokemon is destined to transcend generational boundaries. The huge communal game on Twitch has inspired a type of sharing we like even better: Sharing our favorite old games with our kids.

If you want to play any of the older versions of Pokemon together Twitch-style, dust off the old handheld or grab yourself an emulator. That part’s easy. There’s even a new awesome version of Pokemon that everyone I know with a 3DS can’t stop playing. But if you want to go further with your family’s Pokemon indoctrination, we’re here to help.

Let’s start at the natural beginning: the baby. They’re tough to catch, but once you do, it’s worth it to see them evolve. A wild baby appearing is one of life’s greatest moments. Make sure you don’t forget to turn it into an oddly appropriate Pokemon metaphor.


Of course, you’ll need to help their evolution along with the help of an elemental stone. Wouldn’t it be neat to make sure everyone in the family has a different stone so you’re ready for anything?



Have a few empty walls in the hallway or playroom begging for some pixel art? These four contrasting paintings will complete your homage to the four starters.


Of course, we always love when artists try to help us express our geekiness without compromising the style of our homes (we are adults after all, right?) so this laser-cut poke ball mirror is right up our alley.


And not to worry, if your family is less than enthused about hopping onto the Pokemon nostalgia wagon with you, you can always win them over with cookies.


Did you manage to get your family into Pokemon just in time for someone’s birthday? Tiffany at Craft, Interrupted made an amazing Pokemon party for her son that we can’t stop gawking at.


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