Bringing Out the Howl in Your Child

Most kids have this idea that wolves are bad; mainly because of the way they are portrayed in movies and books (anyone remember Little Red Riding Hood?). However, beneath that rough, furry exterior is a misunderstood creature. Wolves are highly intelligent and make great spirit animals for kids. They represent loyalty, family, freedom, and independence – all values that should be instilled at a young age. Here are a few things to bring out the wild side of your little one.


Long Sleeved Wolf Shirt by Little Lark

Little Lark Wolf Kids Shirt

This wicked shirt is great for when it starts to get cold out. The shirt is made of 100% cotton and the wolf image is printed with lead-free, metallic gold ink, making it completely organic. The bright, white eyes are entrancing enough to capture anyone’s attention. With this kickass wolf design, your kid will be one of the trendiest nerds on the block and it’ll bring out their inner wolf.

If your nerdling is looking to learn about the way of a wolf, hand over these great reads.




Runt will not only capture your young one’s attention, but it’ll also give them insight to how wolves truly behave in the wild. The story focuses on Runt, the smallest of the pack, and how he struggles to gain everyone’s approval. Perfect for ages 9-12, kids and tweens will be able to relate with Runt during his journey to fit in (though nowadays everyone wants to be nerd! Silly hipsters and their faux glasses!).


Howl! A Book about Wolves

Howl, A Book About Wolves

Definitely more for the younger crowd, this books explains pretty much why wolves do the things they do. Kids will learn fascinating facts about these furry creatures like what they hunt, how they communicate, and where they live. Hopefully, this will encourage your nerdlings to become one with their spirit animal and go out and learn more.

Still not satisfied?

Perhaps you’re looking for some fierce beastly décor for the little one’s bedroom?

Take a look at this kickass lone wolf light switch (you know you want one for yourself *wink wink*)

Wolf Light Switch

I think this one is pretty self-explanatory. You can opt for a light switch plate or an outlet cover (or both just to throw that out there).

And as if you couldn’t make your kid’s room even more badass, check out this Celtic wolf pillow.

Celtic Wolf Pillow

So instead of telling your child that the teddy bear will keep all the monsters away at night, they’ll have a great, brave wolf to chase away the bogeyman. S

peaking of which, here’s one last thing to look into as far as room decorations go.

Wolves Dream Catcher

Wolves Dream Catcher

For some added protection, this wolf dream catcher will keep away bad dreams. It’s beautifully lined with black velvet with grey and white feathers hanging down. It’s a great addition to any wolf themed bedroom and hands down probably one of the coolest dream catchers ever made. Amirite?

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