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Brodmann Blades Ping Pong Set

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So the kids want to become ping pong champions after watching table tennis competitions at the Olympics? Don’t hold them back from their dreams! Get them the Brodmann Blades Ping Pong Set. Designed by Fredi Brodmann, this is the ultimate starter set for those future Olympians. The paddles work like gloves and are worn on the hand so your child has greater ball control, more spin on the ball (they’ll be winning each game against you in no time), a faster game, plus a backhand that could knock out Chiang Peng-lung.

It’s also a great ping pong set for kids with dexterity issues because it improves their hand-eye coordination. Seriously, we can’t think of anything wrong with this set, apart from it cutting into your lazy Sundays because the kids will be dying to shred your dignity with a mean match that has you questioning your reflexes. It comes with two paddles, four balls, plus two cotton hand bands (all pros need them), all contained in a spiffy travel case you’ll definitely use for those summer road trips and interstate family visits. All you need is a net and your little champ is on the road to gold!

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