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Bubbles & Creams Gift Pack

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The baby’s arrived and you’re up every night at 3am… and 4am… and, oh yeah, 5am, too. So the last thing you want to do is read the packaging on every baby product to make sure it’s safe for your new arrival. You have much better things to do, like fall into the laundry heap for an impromptu afternoon nap. Or, you know, scouring thousands of sites on the web for a cure to your baby’s ear-deafening squealing. Kids are a joy, right?

Leave it up to Bubbles & Creams to find you luxurious but natural baby products full of aloe vera, shea butter, chamomile, jojoba, rose floral water and more.

The gift pack is a godsend. Buy it for your babe, or force someone into buying it for you — it’ll be well worth it. This pack includes Cotton Club moisturizing lotion, Double Bubble aloe vera bath gel, Dream Cream diaper cream, and Flower Power cleaning lotion, all packaged so nicely in a biodegradable basket (that can actually be planted. Whether or not it turns into a towering tree is another question, but the company swears it will!).

To top it all off, Bubbles & Creams is always free of alcohol (sorry folks, no accidental drunkenness from this line), petrochemical by-products, silicone, gmo (genetically modified yuckiness), paraffin wax, parabens, mineral oil, coloring agents, and animal extracts — phew! That leaves only natural goody-goodness going onto your little one’s skin.

Oh yeah, and it’s not just for wee babies, either. Even the older kids can get in on the Bubbles & Creams action, too. Believe us, with the sweet scents of this gift pack, they’ll be swiping those lotions and creams in a heartbeat.

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