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Bugs ABC Blocks

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There are a lot of creepy-crawlies out in the big world, and many of them can be scary for your really little ones. However, even scary things can be fascinating from a safe distance, and the only reason they’re frightening is because, for many, it’s the first time ever seeing these bugs. We only fear what we don’t understand.

So, perhaps it’s time for your tyke to get to know some of these interesting insects. Instead of getting some basic, boring blocks that don’t have any pictures of bugs on them, your kids could be learning about the fantastic world of arthropods while they play! The Bugs ABC Blocks Set comes with 28 wooden blocks, made out of durable Michigan basswood. In addition to the usual numbers and letters, this set features full-color pictures of all sorts of interesting bugs on them, from fireflies, to pill bugs, and massive beetles. Each cube is 44mm, so there’s little danger of your child harming themselves while playing. Childhood is all about learning and discovery; your nerdlings may not be old enough yet to interact with insects out in the real world, but you can bring them home to play with by picking up Bugs ABC Blocks.

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