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Build A Paperpunk Robot

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If your kid is into arts and crafts, chances are you’ve done a little origami together. Building intricate shapes out of bland pieces of paper is one of the simplest ways to exercise their creative mind. Paperpunk products are like origami’s tech-y, modern cousin. They involve less folding and more assembling, like a model kit made of paper.

This Paperpunk robot kit is an excellent gift for crafty kids ages 6 and up. They’ll love the vibrant colors and mish-mash of geometric patterns. It’s a great gift for the less organic, tech-y kids, too. The kit doesn’t require any glue or scissors to build. Everything you need is right in the package! It comes with 18 shapes that can be punched out, 40 adhesive dots for mess-free assembly, a poster with directions, and a whopping 170 stickers your child can use to make their robot truly unique.

The finished product might not be too menacing, but it sure is cute. The dimensions of the finished robot is 6 x 7.5 x 4, pretty large for a 3D paper craft. Build one with your kid and display your hard work for all to see and be jealous of! You might be so impressed with the finished product that you’ll be tempted to buy a glass display case for it.

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