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Build a Robot

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The former Boy Scouts among us may have fond memories of the multiple robot-build iterations that appeared through the years in the pages of Boy’s Life magazine. These DIY projects popped up about every 3-5 years and fell into two camps: first, RC car chassis with a trash can glued to the top; second, complex builds that required you to dissect multiple vacuum cleaners, radios, and television remotes to build an 8-stage programmable automaton that should have gotten you a “smartest kid ever” merit badge.

This Young Explorers kit allows your kid to build a walking, talking, singing, playing robot that can be controlled by remote, and is also sound activated. It will avoid obstacles, increasing its longevity, and is loosely based on the famous Honda Asimo robot.

While the pre-designed nature of this kid may not be as involved as those old instructions, it also won’t require you to disassemble all of your home appliances to build. The kit is suitable for ages five and up, and runs on AAA batteries. As such, it’s a fine introduction to elementary robotics concepts, and will be fun for the whole family. Except for the cat and dog, who will be terrified.

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