How to Build and Share Your Virtual LEGO Home on ‘Build with Chrome’


In one of the coolest movie promotions we’ve seen in awhile, LEGO has teamed up with Google Chrome to make the world into one massive, sharable LEGO set. Google Maps has become one big, buildable LEGO set. Think The Sims but more LEGO-ey with real plots of land that actually exist on Google Maps, and you’ve got Build with Chrome.

To start out, you may want to check out the ‘Build Academy.’ This cool tutorial walks you through all the steps you need to know to use the different types of bricks and extras to make your little corner of the world look all LEGOified.


Once you’ve mastered a few of the basics of virtual building, use the ‘Explore All Builds’ option to find your plot of land and check out other nearby builds. You can also explore other areas of the world and check out popular builds from different cities. As of this writing, Build with Chrome is so fresh that there aren’t many builds quite yet, but we’re excited to see what’s going to crop up as more people begin building and publishing.

Once you’re ready to build, you can search for your own address and build your house, or start building up your town.


Zoom in on that map, pick out the perfect spot, and click “build.” If you’re logged in with your Google+ profile, it’ll save your creations and share with your circle (if you so choose).


That’s my street and the river behind my house – so cool! The plot I picked isn’t exactly where my house sits in real life, but it’s close enough. If you’re quick enough, you can even snag the surrounding plots to make your backyard or other features around your property.

Once you’re inside your plot, you can build your home using different sizes and colors of LEGO bricks.


After building your creation, click ‘publish’ and your building will become part of the collective LEGO world being created live on Build with Chrome.

We have a group of Australian Google developers who created the Google Maps overlay to celebrate LEGO’s 50th anniversary in 2012 to thank for this awesome playland. Build with Chrome is available on Chrome or Firefox browsers (for some reason it doesn’t work well on IE) as well as smartphones or tablets with updated Chrome browsers.

Will this sate your family’s appetite for LEGO until The LEGO Movie comes out on February 7th? Know of any other cool LEGO movie promotions going on out there? Let us know on our forums!

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