Building a Zelda Nursery Link by Link

What’s your Zelda flavor? Whether you’re a Waker or a Majora’s Mask, every Zelda fan-fam that finds themselves with a little Link on the way needs to add a little (or a lot) of Hyrulian flavor to their nursery. As we always say, get ’em while they’re young.

First, the walls. Cole Bradburn decided a handpainted mural was the way to go, we’re not sure if he knew he was taking the first step in a 150 hour journey or not, but man, this room is stunning.


If you don’t have that kind of time to sink into such a project, don’t worry; your wall can have an almost-as-cool decal for much less than Cole spent on paint. How about this amazing HD map mural from the original Zelda? Your kid is starting at the start, so their Zelda experience probably should too.


I have a kid now, so I can tell you with authority: babies LOVE patterns, so plan on letting them stare at this graphic for as long as it might take you to finish a level.


This incredibly beautiful wooden bassinet with LoZ crest and Zelda’s lullaby carved expertly into the side is to die for to be born for. No woodworking skill? Don’t fret, just get a Zelda crib set.


Of course, we can’t forget the alphabet wall art. L is for Link! You also gotta check out this Etsy seller’s description of their Link art, it’s pretty funny.


It’s all in the details, right? These Legend of Zelda baby accoutrement means you can take Link with you wherever you go (because you aren’t already carrying enough stuff when you leave the house).

Link drool pads: AWESOME! Being at a stage in your life where drool pads is a thing: NOT AWESOME!


We can debate all day whether or not germs on pacifiers are good for kids or not. But are you really gonna argue with me about that random dog hair on there? Gross. Get a pacifier clip.


For that thing you don’t really need but MUST MUST HAVE, these crochet Link and Zelda dolls are stunning (and would really add the perfect touch to your nursery’s toy shelf).


How about some cute cute things to fill up that little baby closet? Because Zelda fans are such amazing crafts people, OF COURSE some awesome parents made an adorable, incredibly detailed baby Zelda cosplay.


Now all she needs is her Link! Snag this awesome Windwaker-style onesie at





  1. Wes

    Thanks for featuring the Zelda nursery I worked on. I am happy to know people are still discovering it and enjoying it! 🙂

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