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Bumkins Waterproof Stroller Blanket

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Just go, now, and buy this waterproof stroller blanket. Why, you ask? Because we’re sure that you and the rest of the known universe are going to implode from boredom if you have to see the same boring quilted stroller cover yet again (we won’t name names JJ Cole Bundle Me). The two different designs featured here include a pale pink butterfly print (kind of makes me think of Mariah Carey, but would nonetheless brighten up a gray wintry day), and a graffiti print that has a bit more funk to it than your average stroller cover. This blanket fits strollers universally, as it has adjustable velcro attachments.

Waterproof, easily cleaned, and most importantly, warm, this cover will help keep baby comfy while you take her out marching on the picket lines in solidarity with the Worker, or spending long hours cleaning the community garden, or just chilling in the park on a cold day. We can’t guarantee that she’ll maintain as sweet a smile as the toddlers pictured on the website (we imagine your kid reading a toddler version of Discipline and Punish while smirking and twirling her hair) but at least she’ll be protected from the elements!

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