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Bunny Money Bank

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Your hopping mad kid is planning on going to college, right? Well, if that’s the case and college loan interest rates rise (as if they’re not going to), they’ll want to save a few pennies to get them through those long party studying days. Alternatively, your child might skip college, save their pennies and go save the whales with Greenpeace. Either way, the kid’s going to need a nest egg and since you’re saving up for your own Roderick Romero treehouse; your child’s probably going to have to save all their weekly pocket money to fund their early twenties.

But we’re getting slightly off track here. Our point is that the kids need a place to store their money and we’ve found magic with this Bunny Money Bank. Abstract in all the right ways, this ceramic money bank was created by South African designer Cameron Snelgar and features a spiffy white finish so it goes with any kind of décor, in any kids’ bedroom or even the office (we know you want it).

Just slip coins and bills into the slot on its little bunny back and before you know it, you have a fortune lying cozily in a delightful work of art. Forget about the pig; banks are all about the bunny money, honey!

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