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Byzantine Leggings By Thief and Bandit

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The truth is this: you can dress your child in bunnies, frogs, ladybugs, or trucks. Or you can dress them in these Byzantine leggings that will leave the uncultured masses thinking “I don’t get it.” Do you really know what prints and styles denizens of the Byzantine era wore? Ok, well, probably so. Are these pants a good representation of said sartorial styling? Who cares! The point of these pants is to make your kid look quirky and different.

These lovely leggings are, of course, hand printed and, of course, they are made from organic materials. The best thing about them will be pairing these leggings with an even weirder top, and wandering around with a funky little missmatched child. In mint and black, the color scheme allows you to cultivate a gender neutral look–so you can mess with those annoying strangers who want to automatically stereotype your kid as a truck-loving boy or a sweet Barbie girl. Ranging in sizes from 6 months (when your helpless child is still at your mercy, fashion wise) to 4T (when your aspiring Erin Fetherston or Traver Rains will surely come up with her own ensemble to showcase these pants). Get them before the other toddlers catch on and they’re made available at Target.

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