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Calafant Treehouse

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Don’t feel guilty that the kids don’t have a big old oak tree in the backyard for a treehouse to play in—there’s a lot more things they’ll make you feel guilty for in years to come, so save the Catholic guilt for those times ahead and go grab those whippersnappers the Calafant Treehouse.

Ok, so they won’t be able to climb into the treehouse and sleep there when they’ve had enough of you nagging them, but they will get just as much use out of this one. It’s made from sturdy recycled cardboard (eco-friendly alert!) and it’s 100% biodegradable—just like the treehouse you had as a kid! It comes in a kit where you and the kids can construct it on your own without using sharp scissors, messy glue or batteries (which are always dying anyway).

Once you’ve placed the pieces in the correct slots and assembled this cardboard masterpiece, it’s time to get your mini-artiste into some old clothes because this is when the magic happens. Paint, glitter, weird little glued-on baubles and anything you have lying around at home (dried macaroni comes to mind) can be added to give this treehouse a bit of personality. Jazz it up ‘til your wee hearts are content and then take a moment to step back and look at the amazing multicolored treehouse your kids’ dolls or action figures (or even yours!), can now call home!

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