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Califone’s Listening First Stereo Headphones

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How cool is it when two things that were meant to be together finally form a bond? Way better than watching them waste time in a mismatched relationship, right? Kinda like witnessing a best friend fall for the wrong person repeatedly and then finding out they met “the one,” (or at least someone better than all the other losers): hollow feelings in your soul from depressing sob stories are replaced with overwhelming gratitude. Wonderful! Even the marriage of cheese-flavored tortilla chips with cheap “Mexican” fast food is the ying to many an unhealthy person’s yang. Gross? Of course! But let’s not get too judgemental. Everyone has their own opinions on epic duo’s. Kids, too.

All kids love animals and all kids love music. Now, the best of both child interests have collided in a civil union with the “Listening First Stereo Headphones” from Califone–a major leader in audio and visual products for educational needs. These child-safe headphones, with low frequencies for little eardrums, are fashioned in three styles of wild animal awesomeness: panda, bear, and tiger, and feature soft, leatherette ear cushions for maximum listening comfort. With a retractable cord that prevents wire entanglement, and built-in volume control to appease individual noise preferences, kiddie-winks who listen to Sex Pistol lullabies on their mp3 players, and love those furry, four-legged creatures, will love these headphones as well. Actually, they’ll go wild like a tiger (or bear) for ‘em. Oh my!

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