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Call of Doody Onesie

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Baby picks a loadout of a bright yellow tugboat with a sidearm of colorful stacking cups. The enemy has fortified the kitchen, and those cookies aren’t going to liberate themselves. Hurling Nibbles the giraffe to clear the room, baby spots an unmanned walker to the left, and heads straight for it for some extra mobility in the field. The walker only gets so far, though, as the kitchen is heavily guarded. Baby holds them off as best as possible, but this spawn results in a quick trip back to the living room activity gym. Mounting another offense against the cookie demolition point will have to wait until after nappy time.

This cute onesie pokes fun at the popular Call of Duty franchise, and just after the release of Black Ops 2, the timing couldn’t be better. Featuring a popular “nickname” for the juggernaut FPS game, the wearer of this Call of Doody creeper likely takes themselves much less seriously than some of the die-hard fans this game attracts. Whether you buy it for appreciation or for satire, this shirt makes a statement that the other side is likely not to forget.

Try not to accuse your little one of camping, though. Walking around can be tougher than it looks.

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