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Campfire Paper Table

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Not long ago, I attended the kind of work conference where you are forced to sit in circles with strangers and discuss your passions and goals. Unless you are extremely charitable with your emotions and inner life, you likely would just do what I did and make up things to talk about. During the one worthwhile segment of the conference, my coworkers and I filled out Myers-Briggs Personality Tests and I discovered I am an introvert who needs time to reflect before conveying stupendous ideas. No kidding.

Now that I have an 18-month-old, I have started wondering if she will also feel anxiety when asked to give her best ideas in three seconds. For a great many of us, writing helps bridge the gap between thought and oral expression. For that reason, I feel the Campfire Paper Table by Turnstone/Steelcase is a brilliant piece to introduce to your child.

This 2009 Best of Neocon Gold Award winner, the table features a wood grain base and round rotating top, allowing children to jot down their ideas with a Dry Erase Marker and then spin it around so others can read his or her thoughts and build off of them. Ideal for collaborative school projects or for simply encouraging your child to join intellectual or artistic forces with a sibling, children have a choice of either writing on the table’s steel top or using one of 44 paper sheets that come with the Campfire Paper Table.

Perhaps one of the most impressive features of this table is its ability to function as a toy, educational tool, and attractive piece of furniture that you will want to keep around long after the kiddies are sent off to college.

Introverts, your time has come.

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