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Cannibal Monsters Game

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Cannibals appear frequently in our popular culture. From cult classics like the Amazon natives of “Cannibal Holocaust” to modern favorites like Hannibal Lecter, they usually take the form of sinister human forces that threaten to not only kill us, but to consume us both literally and figuratively. Of course, there are exceptions. The cannibalism of Robert Heinlein’s “Stranger in a Strange Land” is almost endearing (and really only explored in thought experiments rather than physical acts). But, on the whole, the concept of consuming your own kind is one we treat with abhorrence.

With this in mind, you may be wary of giving your children a game that involves themes of both cannibalism and monsters, unless you really want to be awakened at 2am by a very frightened child. Once you take a look at Cannibal Monsters from Smart Games, you may change your feelings on the matter.

Cannibal Monsters is an educational, solitaire puzzle game akin to the classic brain bender Pegs. It features brightly colored “monsters” (which more closely resemble the Pac Man ghosts) that have uniquely shaped, stackable bases. The point of the game is to maneuver the monsters around the board “eating” (stacking on top of) each other until only one monster remains. Monsters can only eat other monsters if the pattern of notches on the base of the consumer matches the notches on top of the consumer, which forces the player to do some deep thinking on how best to accomplish the task.

Included with the game is a puzzle book with 48 different scenarios of increasing difficulty that will have your kids puzzling them out for hours.

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