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Captain America Poster Replica

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Of all the superheroes in the Marvel universe, perhaps the one most inspiring to our young ones is Captain America. Steve Rodgers, even without his powers, exemplifies all the traits we want our children to have. Captain America represents a strong sense of justice, of good, and of standing up for your beliefs: all things we’d like our kids to live by growing up. Captain America is an idol, but sometimes even idols get exploited by the government for financial gain.

Good thing this replica movie poster from Captain America: The First Avenger represents a fictional exploitation instead of a real one. This design was used in the movie during the Captain America USO shows, and if your kids love the Avengers, or Captain America in general, then having a 22” x 36” replica movie poster taken straight from the film would make a great addition to their room.

Captain America may have been younger and a bit more susceptible to taking any orders from his country when this poster was made, but that doesn’t mean your kids can’t learn from his mistakes. After all, that’s what Cap would want for them anyway.

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