Cardigans: A Nerdy Kids’ Cold-Weather Essential


No fashion item transcends the boundaries of style like a cardigan. It helps trendsetters and traditionalists reach across the aisle and shake hands while it makes snuggle bugs happy to help keep frost at bay. For both boys and girls, the cardigan is as essential piece of the nerdy kid wardrobe.

For those of you who think cardigans are just for girls, don’t forget that the manliest of secret agents probably has a whole closet full of them.


 Growing Up With Cardis: A Sweater for Every Kid

The only thing cuter than a baby is a baby dressed up in miniature versions of clothes normally reserved for older kids. Take this sweater from the PolishedPebbles13 Etsy store, for instance. The lime green chevron tie gives a modern, cheeky twist to the classic navy cardigan. ColbyAve Etsy shop also has a great yellow striped cardigan onesie.


If you’d like to tell everyone how your toddler is destined for a life in academia, don’t forget the elbow patches. This sweater from Point A and B for Etsy has the right idea, but you can definitely add your own elbow patches to a store-bought sweater if you miss out on this one.


If you’d like to take the opportunity to let kids be kids, you can always snag a character cardigan like this Bert and Ernie one from JuliesJumpers.


And how about a little Trekkie cardie for newborns? This adorable blue Star Trek uniform has asymetrical shoulder buttons which is always an interesting spin on the plain-front sweater.


If you find a normal old cardigan to be boring, adding a personal touch with a letter may be the answer you’re looking for. Among the other painfully cute baby clothes from TheWishingElephant’s Etsy store are these customizable letterman cardis.


Does this one look familiar? This cardi comes as part of a Hermoine Granger costume set, but there’s no reason it couldn’t be worn as a subtle everyday nod to everyone’s favorite school of witchcraft and wizardry.


And remember, just because it’s a button down sweater it doesn’t mean you can’t take a walk on the wild side. Grab an animal print like this cheetah cardigan.


Not quite wild enough? Allow your little one to become the animal with a cardigan like this hooded elephant cardi.


And please, whatever you do, always remember the gnomes.





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