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Now and again we come across baby items that defy normality and challenge the way we view baby anything and everything, because let’s face it, baby stuff can sometimes be redundant. I mean with all the pinks and blues and animals that look all sweet and Disney-like and building blocks, and yeah, you get what I’m saying. But with the Cassette Bib from Me In Mind, this hard to find baby necessity makes all the other boring bibs stand up at attention and wish to be more like this slickly styled baby food guard.

This bib features a flexible wipe clean vinyl cover, a mildew resistant synthetic backing made of leather, a Velcro clasp, 100% cotton trim, and material made in the U.S.A. (so it’s kinda local). But most amazing is the design pattern filled with those musical mediums that got us through the 80s and early 90s before the CD wave swept every cassette to sea (saved for the ones that were salvaged and thrown into music shops), this baby bib for our baby buds is just what their inner musicians ordered.

Though the printed cassettes fail to display any musical specifics, you can feel free to write (maybe with a sharpie?) your favorite bands to give them your own sense of personality. Your baby won’t know what’s going on but they’ll appreciate all the random bits of attention they’ll be receiving from strangers in restaurants or wherever who also love the The Pixies, Replacements, X, and Television: four bands that rule and four bands your tiny one will come to know soon enough.

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