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Cassette Tapes Lamp Box

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When I was eight I received a Walkman for Christmas that I thought was the greatest gift ever. I would walk around with it thinking I was cooler than I was, and fully believed that I’d never part with it. My very first cassette tape was The Bodyguard soundtrack; but at eight your reference for good music is zero, because all you know is what your parents play, and my parents played Phil Collins, The Eagles, Rod Stewart, and even more Phil Collins. It was terrible. Eventually I bought a Mariah Carey tape, then received Green Day’s Dookie from my brother who succeeded in pulling me away from the soft rock elite.

To witness a piece of home decor constructed out of nostalgia that meant a lot to a lot of folks is exciting. It’s like the beginning of the technological boom in music stacked perfectly on top of one another, creating light for people to read and surf the web by. This is what the Cassette Tapes Lamp Box is, and it’s a fantastic idea to add your mini-tape player’s (aka: your child’s) rocker decor.

The lamp box from OOO My Design Studio & Shop is a memorial to the fallen cassette tape. It takes advantage of the cassettes’ square design by tying them together and forming a box which creates a soft, delicate light that will light up your tiny music fanatic’s world in a fabulous way (while also giving them a place to store stuff that maybe they don’t want you to see). Lucky for you, none of these tapes consist of The Bodyguard soundtrack or Phil Collins. Phewww!

“The tape was the last format that we had where you didn’t really skip through it.”

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