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Castle Ravenloft Board Game

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Ravenloft was one of my favorite Dungeons and Dragons campaign settings growing up. I’m a sucker for all things gothic horror in my role playing games, and it’s likely we share that love for the setting, since you’re reading this. Ravenloft had everything: a haunting, fog-covered land, an evil count, and a love story (in the version I experienced). Even after I got better at the game and started making up my own campaigns, the adventures I had in Ravenloft stuck with me, and perhaps they stuck with you too.

Castle Ravenloft was such a great setting, that Wizards of the Coast adapted it many times. One of these adaptations is a board game using a similar plot to the tabletop campaign. The board game is cooperative (much like D&D); you and your family band together to battle against the evil forces lurking inside the castle. Like the setting it’s based on, there are different scenarios that change the way the game is played each time. The quests you embark on throughout this adventure may not be the same ones you encounter in subsequent playthroughs.

If your kids enjoy board games, but aren’t yet ready for the full tabletop experience, introduce them to D&D-lite, with the excellent Castle Ravenloft setting. It’s designed for 1-5 players aged 12+, but you can easily start a bit younger; I was 10 when I first started.

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