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Catan Junior

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“Got any brick? Got any wood? I’ll give you two ore for one grain.” You’ve all played the game. Most of you have lost friends because of it. Settlers of Catan has captured the hearts and minds of every single board game geek under the sun. Well, maybe not everyone, but a solid 75%. Now you can induct your children into this resource trading cult with a new version for ages five and up.

In Catan Junior you play as a pirate building secret hideouts on a ring of islands. You can earn goats, molasses, swords and even gold. Supposedly, this game is easy enough for a five year old to play. Just make sure your kid knows how to properly punch her friends in the face when they begin to plot behind her back. And for all that is glorious, please teach your child about basic odds and statistics. Once they understand the odds with rolling dice take them to Vegas.

In no time at all your child will be able to down rum and walk just like Captain Jack Sparrow.

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