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Catch Your Eye Mini Wall Clock

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We’re always watching you… that’s what you want your kid to think, right? Add this kitschy little accent clock to your wall decor (next to the framed Metropolis poster) and tell him that the eyes are in fact equipped with sensors that record his movements when you aren’t around. Now the super cute kitten clock serves two purposes: displaying your quirky sense of style, and creeping your kid out a bit. But seriously, the design on this clock is cringeworthy cute–the creepy-eyed cat has scarlet red lips and scarlet fingernails! The stories I bet this cat could tell… If only cats could talk. Hanging from the clock are gold and translucent beaded chains, reminding me a of a skanky 70s boudoir. Contrasted to the 50s vibe of the kitty, this clock is a lesson in juxtapositions. And the final point of interest? It’s a wind-up clock? How many minutes can you keep Junior at bay while he winds up this clock? Enough so that you can dash off a witty Facebook post? Hopefully so. Until, that is, he decides to take it apart and look at the fascinating gearwork inside. At that point, deconstruction is no longer just a literary term!

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