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Caterpillar Scarf By Donna Wilson

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Anyone who has read Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar to their child can back me up on this statement: caterpillars are vastly underrated. Flip through your kid’s storybooks and you’ll find the same cast of characters doing the same old things: there’s another lovable and loyal dog sitting at someone’s feet, another yellow ducky, another dopey, adorable cow mooing its way from the barn to a patch of grass located two feet away.

Since children’s clothing often imitates their art, parents inevitably wind up collecting dozens of bibs and onesies with the word “puur-fect” etched across them. No offense to cuddly animals everywhere, but caterpillars are far more patient than puppies (I’d like to see a Jack Russell last one minute holed up in an insipid cocoon); don’t even get me started on which animal boasts the best “Ugly Duckling” story. I’ve got news for you, cute little yellow ducky: you’re as cute as a swan. Can a caterpillar say the same about a butterfly?

Why not pay respect to the miraculous little critter, and shake up your child’s wardrobe by introducing Donna Wilson’s Caterpillar Scarf? This clever, attractive piece, which is made of 100% lambswool and knitted in Scotland, comes in three bright and fun colors: blue/green, grey/blue, or putty/red. The caterpillar print is simple and understated, and the scarf is narrow, which makes the winter accessory a rare treat — one that both offspring and parent can share. Wilson, who is known for her tasteful, eclectic children’s accessories featuring foxes, birds, and even skyscrapers, understands the importance of creating pieces that a kid can wear now, and in five years.

Your baby will outgrow her ducky. But no one ever, ever outgrows a caterpillar.

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